High school graduation

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After 5 years of waiting and enduring, finally! FINALLY!  I GRADUATED! 

My look for the day. I actually took around an hour to put on just my makeup only. I planned to curl my hair but apparently I turn out to look like a crazy-voodoo-didn't-wash-hair-for-10-days woman. So, I straighten it back. 

Went there quite early and met up with Zhiayun and Zi Qing. Both of them looked so fair I look so dark! O_O
Took some pictures with my friends while waiting for Ester. She came a little later than us because she was busy putting on her makeup. 

My legs looked so fat!

My full outfit of the day. I looked... fat... fat...fa..fa..f..f..fa...fat...fat...fo..foo..food...

Whatsapp Ester while she was on her way to the hotel and she was complaining about how bad she looked
But... She ended up..

(The one in yellow is Ester) She looked super amazing! What lang bei ahh Ester?! 

A gang picture! (from left : Zi Qing, Zhiayun, Ester, me)

Us in the robe. The robe is so freaking difficult and ma fan! Hook here hook there! UGH! Mine was super ugly because that red scarf thing (whatever you call it) kept on sliding to the back and choking me. 

We were actually all ready and lined up to enter the hall but I had no idea why the teachers were so slow. J-wen was in front of me in the line so we took a selfie.

With the model figure Kennedie. She really has super long and toned legs! 

The graduation was SOOO boringgggggggg
During rehearsal, the teacher asked us not to clap even after performances or when our friends went up to collect the certificate. Guess what? The teachers started clapping first! 
Isn't it kinda disrespectful when your friends performed and you don't clap? Well, in the end everybody still clapped. 

A picture with Nabil! Thanks for calming me down before I go on stage to get my certificate! I was really nervous! 

OMG did I mention my shoes were being naughty when I went up on stage to receive my certificate?! It suddenly became super loose that whenever I walked, it'll come off just like slippers. Luckily I remembered what my vocal teacher told me before, "When you're on stage and you did a mistake, forget about it and focus on how to cover up your mistake with minimal show." Luckily my shoe didn't fall out or caused me to fall! 

Saw Jan and we were both like HUG HUG TAKE PICTURE! My hair was so terrible because I was sweating a lot! 

A picture with Dino! I call him Dino although his name is Omar and I don't know why. It just comes naturally sometimes. 

J-wen and Li Ern. It's been a while since I talked to them. I looked good in this picture heh! 

A picture with the cute Carrie! Isn't she adorable? Baby face *envy much*

One Music Academy vocal line gang buddy
She sings really really well! 

With Kimberley
I feel like a tiny minion standing right next to her. In other words, it's like I'm taking picture with a celebrity. 
She put on a really great violin performance today! 

Shir Leen. Envy her ant waist a lot! Some people are just perfect in everything... Unfair! :( 

Last picture for the day. With Malaysian Robert Pattinson Ray. 


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