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Happy October everybody! GOSH time flies really fast. Good luck to all the PMR candidates!You can do it! 화이팅!

Went to visit my grandmother and ate the famous chicken rice in Salak South on Sunday. I had no idea where is that chicken rice shop but I've been loving that chicken rice since I was young. I came to know it because my parents used to live in Salak South, KL before we moved to Subang.

As you all know, I love online shopping so much that most of my stuffs are purchased online. And now, since my graduation in coming up, I bought a black lace dress from my favourite online boutique! I got the size wrongly (too big) so I had to alter it. Well, bigger is better than smaller right? Nothing to worry about, the quality of the dress is also very satisfying!

Bought a new handbag from that online boutique too! I actually saw it on a magazine but I couldn't afford it because it was Chanel. So I thought that I'll get something similar to it. Bought this bag and the dress at a decent price and I'm super happy with it!

I totally recommend this online boutique to you all because it's safe, good service and good quality. Check out eshop2me ♥ for some great products!
Every time after you place your order, you'll receive an official email from them. After they've post out your item, you'll also get a notify email and your tracking number. Nicole, the person whom I always place my order with, is efficient and friendly. It's my second time purchasing from them and I will not hesitate to purchase more from them in the future! Loving all my purchased item from eshop2me! ♥

Got myself this dress from eshop2me too! Loving it so much. Thank you eshop2me!

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