Ooh my gas! @ Pavilion KL

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I finally finally FINALLY get to go shopping at KL! I've been waiting so long for my trials to end and oh my God, I'm finally having a day off to go shopping! Okay, so I didn't pay too much attention to my outfit of the day since I'll be walking all day long. I just wore something that'll keep me comfortable and also, I didn't put much makeup on. I only did my brows and even for that, I did it half heartedly. 

My dad didn't want to go at first but my mom and I managed to drag him along. My mom actually wanted to go Mid Valley but I said I wanted to go KL because my main reason was to visit I-Square, which is in Fahrenheit 88, to purchase my new shoes. Just in case you don't know, I-Square gathers products sold by online stores and I wanted to go there to buy my shoes from Agape boutique. I love the shoes from Agape boutique. 

I-Square is really a heaven place for me because if you catch up with my blog posts, you'll know that I love online shopping. I somehow feel that products sold online suit my taste more. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pair of shoes I wanted and ended up leaving I-Square empty handed. 

Look at all the things sold there! It's a must-go place with your friends and shop like a crazy dude. I'm totally gonna bring my best friend there!

My mom was still busy shopping at I-Square and my dad and I ended up waiting for her because we wanted to go to Sungei Wang. I decided to take a picture with my dad and guess what? My dad started fooling around while I was trying to snap a picture. He was going up and down up and down and I snapped this picture. Haha he looks really funny. I bet he never thought that I'll post this picture! 

I bought a new pair of shoes from Sungei Wang... And I kinda regretted. I won't be posting the picture of my new shoes until Graduation Day cause I was planning to wear it for my graduation. Now, I highly doubt that I'll be wearing it there, but I'll only upload the picture of it after graduation. 
I loved that shoe. It was exactly the one I designed in my mind but when I bought it home, I had no idea if the shoe shrunk or my feet expanded, it hurts when I wear them. Now I'm trying all sorts of way to expand it. 

Walked all the way back to Pavilion for lunch and I wasted 30 minutes walking around Food Republic because I couldn't decide what to eat. I ended up eating black pepper chicken with butter rice. As usually, I couldn't finish it. 

I was so so so sad and depressed when I found out that there's Pepper Lunch in Pavilion after I had my lunch! I WAS CRAVING FOR PEPPER LUNCH FOR THE WHOLE WEEK! OMG KILL ME! 

Ooh my gas! First liquid nitrogen ice cream in Asia. 

I actually got lost finding the store because my mom kept saying "It's here, it's there, I don't know where".

We ended up asking for directions at the customer service... And I saw this! 

ERH MY GOD! I love Maserati! It was parked at the valet parking and everybody was surrounding it. 

Beside the Maserati parked a Ferrari. The engine totally attracted me! 

Even the inside of the Maserati looked super cool! Sorry for the bad quality, I was trying to take the picture as fast as possible before the guard chased me away. 

Okay, back to Ooh my gas! 

Poof! Poof! And there's your ice cream! 

I was having a super nervous time thinking of how to order, but luckily, there was an European family in front of me. They actually knew how to order so I listened to them and learnt how to order. It's pretty simple. 

There's many flavours such as green tea, mint chocolate, peanut butter...etc etc 
Just choose your flavour and then tell them with which choice you want, ice cream, gelato or soymilk. 

So for mine, I chose green tea with gelato and mint chocolate with ice cream.

They have two sizes, cutie (small) or sexy (large). The cutie costs RM12.90 and the sexy cost RM19.90. 

Whoop! Whoop! My very first liquid nitrogen ice cream! :D 

Visit their facebook page to learn more about O.M.G! Ooh my gas facebook

Watch their video to learn how to order! 

Ooh my gas O.M.G is located in Pavilion, KL, Level 1, same floor as the food court, just right behind the escalator. 

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