Fourian fare and movie marathon

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Hey guys
My blog is practically dying slowly day by day 
I've been trying to find some time to update my blog but 24 hours a day is seriously not enough for me 

Finally, my school decided to do Fourian Fare
It's a carnival where we sell food and have entertainments 
So this year my class's theme was BLUE 
Everything we did was coloured blue
Our class t-shirt was blue, our booth was blue etc
With  Zhiayun 

With Ester

And Zi Qing

Yup, you see them, you recognize them and you remember them 
They make me a better person 
Not really better better, but still, better 

Had a really rough morning preparing for the carnival because there's just so many things to do 
But of course we managed to settle everything before the crowd came 
Since our (my friends and I) work shift was 10.30am-12pm 
We decided to go to LOT 666, the haunted house 

Manage to get Sherwin to accompany us into the haunted house because we were actually quite scared 
Surprisingly, it wasn't as scary as I imagined
Maybe because I was walking last
So the ghosts who appeared only managed to scare my friends 
Had an ear pain after going into the haunted house because there was a ghost who kept screaming in my ear 
Oh God I thought I was going deaf! 

Although we went to the haunted house early to line up 
It took around an hour until it was our turn 
So when we came out from the haunted house 
It was already time for our shift

So there's 6 people every shift 
And the booth is so small it couldn't accommodate all of us inside 
So I ended up standing outside under the sun selling herbal eggs 
Haha what an experience 
Most of my customers were uncles and aunties 
You should eat more herbal eggs yo! 
It's tasty and good for your health! 

Anyways, couldn't enjoy myself much during the carnival because I had vocal class at 1.30pm 
So right after my shift ended at 12pm 
I had to leave so that I'll have enough time to prepare for my class 
Since the carnival ended at 4pm and my class ended at 3.15pm 
I wanted to go back to spend my remaining coupons 
But I ended up not going because I was so dead tired after the practice 
My coach was basically torturing my tummy and vocal cords 
GAHH!! I need to do more breathing exercise! 

Next week marks my last day at the studio because of trials and SPM 
I'm so gonna miss that studio and my coach

As you all know 
I'm a regular online shopper 
And now, this dress caught my eyes 
I first saw it at
And I told my parents about it 
But they didn't allow to buy because that website is somehow similar to ebay 
And I never liked shopping on ebay 
The procedure is just too complicated for me 
Luckily I found another website that sells the exact same dress I wanted - Eshop2me

For those of you who don't know Chinese
You can just change the language to English :) 
Nicole, the person whom I placed my order with, is very friendly and efficient 
You all can try purchasing from her but remember, most of the clothes are not ready stock
So you must wait around 2 weeks to get it 
If you're not ready to wait, maybe it's not a good idea to purchase from that website 
Other than that, their service and quality are quite satisfying 

Went to watch Despicable Me 2 and The Heat with my sister at Mbo cinema, Subang Parade 
And we saw that they were hiring workers 
Such a coincidence because my sister was also looking for a job 
So she applied for the job and got it instantly 

Okay, now back to the movie 

The Heat 
I was so excited to watch this movie because I've been watching the trailer lots of times 
But sadly, I was a bit disappointed because the story plot was not as funny as shown in the trailer 
Plot : 3/5
Comedy : 3/5 
Overall : 3/5 

The movie was actually good, just that I expected something better because the trailer was really attractive 

After watching The Heat, we had a toilet break and headed back to the cinema for our next movie, 
Despicable Me 2! 
It's a must watch movie in 2013 
The minions are back! 
I used to love the minions a lot 
But now that seeing so many people going crazy over the Mcdonald minion toy
I'm starting to lose love towards the minions 
Nevertheless, I still feel that the minions are very cute :D Hehe 
 Plot: 3/5 
Comedy :4/5 
Overall : 4/5 

Unfortunately, there was a problem while I was watching Despicable Me 2 
The screen suddenly went blank at the climate and only the sound was heard 
And since my sister started working at the cinema the next day 
She found out that because there was a problem with the movie 
The cinema will compensate us with a free movie ticket of our choice as long as we present the movie ticket stubs in a week's time 
So I invited Phik Kei and Amanda to watch a free movie with me 
And we ended up watching Pacific Rim 

Well, I was excited to watch Pacific Rim at first because some people said it's a combination of Transformer and Ultraman 
I admit that it is indeed a combination of Transformer and Ultraman 
But the movie was awesome 
The graphics were so good and excellent and the main actor and actress did an excellent job 
Plot: 4/5 
Graphics: 4/5 
Comedy: 1/5 
Overall: 4/5

Next up is White House Down 

Okay I may be a bit unfair in rating this movie 
But I choose this movie over Pacific Rim 
One of the reason is because I love Channing Tatum 
Hehe <3 p="">
The plot of the story is actually 95% similar to Olympus Has Fallen 
But of course I prefer WHD because of Channing Tatum 
He did a really good job acting in the movie alongside Jamie Foxx 
Although it's an action movie, there's still more comedy compared to Pacific Rim 
Plot: 4/5 
Comedy: 3/5 
Overall: 4.5/5 
Yup, say that I'm unfair, but that's my rating for WHD :P 

After the movie, I shamelessly asked the cinema usher for a poster
And he was so kind to find the poster for me in the store and gave it to me for free! 

And did I mention I was waiting ages for my mom to take me to the salon to cut my hair? 
I couldn't wait anymore and ended up going to GDO Hair Image in Subang Parade to cut my hair 
Oh My God! 
Worst hair cut ever 
I went there to wash and cut and it cost me RM68 because I was rushing for my movie and I decided to get a senior cut instead of the junior 

I was so not satisfied with the senior who cut my hair 
Because that day I went there right after school 
Which I had my fringe all tied up 

Looking like this
And when she cut my hair 
She didn't even find my hair line and randomly cut my fringe 
And what's worse was she made a new hair line for me 
But it wasn't straight! 
Call me picky but I'm very sensitive with my hair line 
I feel the need to have a straight hair line because if it's zig zag, I'll have a hard time combing it after I wash my hair 
I regretted not listening to my sister's advice 
She told me not to cut my hair there because she once went there to cut and they cut her hair wrongly 
I'm so not going back there anymore! 

Because I was not satisfied with my hair 
I decided to visit my usual hair stylist, Alex 

And I finally got a satisfied hair cut! 
And he curled my hair for me 
I actually hoped he'll curl it higher up but he only curled the end for me 
Oh well, it's only temporary :) 
Now I know that kind of curl doesn't suit me 

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