Singapore trip

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This mid semester holiday was totally the bomb! 
Finally had a chance to visit Singapore with my sister! 
First of all, thank you so much to Clare, my sister's friend who offered us accommodation for a week in Singapore

Took a bus down to Singapore and the journey was about 5 hours
Thought that going through the immigration would be difficult 
But surprisingly it was quick and easy 
The Singapore immigration officer was so friendly to us 

Really felt so thankful for Clare's parents to pick us up at the bus station 
And my sister and I were so shocked when we found out that Clare's parents had organized a pot luck dinner that night 
Went to Clare's house which is at Braddell Hill and freshen up for the dinner ! 
Met Benjamin and Yang Yang, Clare's brothers and also their friends at the dinner 
All of them we so friendly and nice! 
I ended up drinking red wine that night and got drunk 
And I actually went to Ben's room without conscious while I was drunk 
Oh God WHY ??!! 

DAY 1 
Went to Universal Studio 
Left the house late and ended up reaching at Universal Studio around lunch time 

Sat lots of rides such as this Elmo ride (sorry I didn't take much photo in Universal Studio. Credits to all the uploaders)
It was actually kinda boring and the queue was quite long too 

And of course you can't miss the transformer 4D ride! 
It's the best ride I've sat in Universal Studio 

Watched the Shrek 3D short film and I got a big shocked when the spiders appeared 
UGH I hate spiders! 

And the worst of all 
I sat the cylon ride 
It's the scariest ride in Universal Studio with a 360 degree turn and quick falling 
I got really nauseous after sitting this 

Managed to catch most of the shows there and skipped lunch because there's too many to ride 

Bought a churro to eat and it was so tasty ! 
It's actually soft bread coated with sugar and cinnamon 

Always wanted to try a corndog and finally had the chance to at there! 
It's so tasty !!! :D 

And I bought myself a Bumblebee bottle 
Don't be jealous :D 

EEE the cars are all so sexy and nice!

Spent the whole day in Universal Studio until they close at 7pm 
And then Clare took us to a mall to eat soup for dinner since we weren't that hungry 

Went to a shop called The Soup Spoon for our dinner
The soup there is really really nice ! 

After that, Clare took us to eat fried Mars balls 

They actually coat the Mars chocolate balls with flour and fried it 
And serve it with ice cream 
It's something you can't find here in Malaysia ! 


Went to Singapore zoo 
Thanks to Clare's mom, we were able to go to the zoo free of charge 
It's been a while since I been to the zoo 
And of course I'm excited to see just a simple animal 
Managed to catch all the animal shows there 
How pro we are? Haha

And the weather that day was really hot D: 
Came out of the zoo just after 3 hours and went for lunch at KFC 

After that we went to Lucky Plaza in Orchard road to collect our tickets for Snowcity ! 
Went home around 4pm because we were dead tired and slept till 6pm 

Went out for dinner with Clare's mother and Yang Yang at Satay by the bay 
The food there is really awesome! 
After that, we went to walk around Gardens by the bay 
Clare's mother decided to take us up to the rooftop bar 
And the price to enter is really surprising! 
It cost $18 ! 
Luckily her mother was kind enough to pay for us 
Had a blast up at the rooftop 
The view there is really really pretty 
Sorry I don't have a better picture
I had to even grab this picture from Clare's mother's facebook 
Stayed up there for an hour and went home around 11pm 

DAY 3 
Light and easy day 
Went to Snooker Zone in Toa Payoh to meet a friend 
And ended up playing pool with him 
It was really fun playing pool with friends
I ended up playing it till my finger bleed D: 

After that, went to J-cube mall and waited for Benjamin at McDonald's 
We were suppose to go to Snowcity on that day but in the end it rained 
And Benjamin over slept 
So we ended up hanging around in J-cube mall till evening 
Met Benjamin at the MRT station 
And we went to Clarke Quay (I think, haha) for their river cruise
It was boring but the view is really pretty 
Went to the food court in Liang Court for dinner 
Finally had a proper meal in Singapore 
After that, we went to a pub because Benjamin wanted to try shots 
Funny thing is, he had to show his IC when he wanted to go into the pub although he's already 19 
I guess he doesn't look like 19 to some people  haha 
Lucky for me, I wasn't caught! :D 

It was Ladies' night that day 
Got 3 shots for the price of $12 ! 
And we ordered 6 shots  
Wanted to try a shot but couldn't :( 
I'll make sure to try it next time! 

Stopped by to eat fried Mars balls again because Benjamin haven't eaten it 
And of course, he and his chocolate ice cream again 

DAY 4 

Went to Snowcity with Clare, Benjamin and my sister 
Benjamin insisted on not wearing a winter jacket because he said it wasn't cold 
But after 30 seconds in there, he decided to go get a jacket x) 
Had a really fun time sledding in there because there was nobody in there at that time 
Played the sled around 6 times and took lots of photo there 
One thing bad about there is that you can't use your own camera to take pictures in there :( 
Wanted to buy a picture of us four together but the price was shocking! 
Ended up not buying it and I regret it so much now 

After that, Clare took us to eat soy bean ice cream 
First time eating it

Went to play around the Kinetic playground at the Science centre since it's located beside Snowcity and it's free
Felt like a small kid at that time 
Haha Singapore is really fun! 

Went to Underwater World after that 
Wanted to touch the live stingray but in the end didn't have the guts to do so 
Sometimes I really admire Clare and Benjamin for being so brave at doing stuffs 
Watched the dolphin show and it's so cute! 
The dolphins are pink in colour! :D 

Walked to Sentosa and had a really stupid moment with Benjamin 
We were suppose to pay to enter Sentosa and we decided to pay with our card instead of buying tickets
And after my sister and Clare passed the gate, Benjamin and I were stuck behind 
Our card just won't scan 
We both looked really dumb back there 
But luckily it worked in the end 

Went to Astons for dinner before the rides 
Their lemon lime chicken is really good! 
Benjamin ordered a steak, medium rare 
And he spent the whole time wondering if the steak was really cooked medium rare 
Because it looked rare to him 
Hope he doesn't get a sore throat

Bought a ticket to play 3 games in Sentosa 
And we chose to ride the 4D journey ride, 4D logwood ride and the luge and skyline 
Laughed like mad with Benjamin while we were watching the 4D journey ride because my sister won't stop screaming 
The 4D logwood ride was quite nice though 
It wasn't as nice as Transformer in Universal Studios 
After that we went for the luge and skyline 
The luge was really really nice 

We were suppose to go together but I ended up stuck at the beginning 
And I was left alone behind 
Finally when I reached the end, I got stuck again 
I looked like a stupid walrus trying to move the luge 
I ended up giving up and just walked to the end line 
After that, we sat the skyline 
I always wanted to sit a skyline 
The view from the top is really amazing 
Took some pictures on the skyline but I came out so ugly 
So I'm just gonna keep the picture to myself haha 

Ran back to the front of Universal Studios to watch the crane dance 
Awh..It's so sweet 
It's a short love story about 2 robot crane that fell in love and turned into a pretty crane 
After that, went to the Lake of Dreams for the next light show 
Ugh.. It's kinda boring though 

Went into Candylicious and decided to buy gelato because they were having a sale 
Buy 1 free 1 :D 

Wanted to take the yogurt and chocolate but Benjamin kept making noise about me and chocolate 
So I ended up buying yogurt and stracciatella

And when I went to pay for it, the cashier asked me why was I paying 
I guess he thought Benjamin would pay for me 
The gelato was really nice 
Hope they have a store here in Malaysia too 

Spent my last night in Singapore with gelato and tears 
Singapore is really a nice country 
Hope I was born there :( 
It's okay, Malaysia has its own beauty too 

Had a fun time in Singapore 
A big thank you to Clare's mother, Clare and Benjamin :) 

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