Crayon Burger @ SS15 and more

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It's already mid-May and my mid term exam is still not over ! 
This exam which eats up a month's time is really killing me 
Haven't been able to surf the internet with my computer for almost 3 weeks 
And not I'm finally back ! 
Although my exam is still not over yet heh ;) 

Somewhere mid-April , I went for my school's International Relationship (IR) Day which was hosted by my school's Leo's Club 
They have it every year (except last year) and this is my first time attending it 

Had a really tough time choosing my dress as I don't always shop for dress 
And in the end I had to wear this ugly black dress which my mom forced me to 
I'm so gonna start shop for dresses for any events like this ! 

I'm really really pissed of with Blogger right now 
It took me around 30 minutes to upload all the pictures on Blogger 
And now when I put it up at my post 
Some pictures were compressed which make us look like dwarfs ! 
Sorry Zhiayun and Chloe 
Our individual pictures were compressed by Blogger >:(

Anyways the event was okay 
Watched some performances 
And then it was already the end 
Had to leave early around 6pm to walk to Starbucks because I had a COD meeting with a buyer 
And it was faster than I expected because the seller came a few minutes after I arrived 
So I ended up going back to the event and accompanied Zhiayun to wait for her mom 

After a while, my parents came to fetch me and asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner
And I said I wanted to eat at The Street Cafe which was just opposite the event hall 
And we were lucky to find a parking right in front of the shop and I ended up going into the car for 5 seconds and then come back out LOL 

A must try Korean "ice kacang" 
It's really really delicious

Kimchi , my all time favourite
It was my parent's first time eating Kimchi 
And when they took their first mouth 
They did the electronic dance because it was chilled, spicy and sour 

Got this Korean glass noodle dish for free and it's actually quite delicious 

All-kill favourite Bulgogi ramen ! 
I love the bulgogi ! :) 

Mom ate ramen too where else dad ate this Korean bbq chicken lunch box 
He didn't dare to eat those spicy food 
Korean food is best when it comes to spiciness !!! 

Went to Empire a few weeks ago before exam because I needed to buy some books from popular 
And we dined in at Pasta Zanmai
It's my second time dining in at Pasta Zanmai 
The first time was kinda ... ugh .. 
I ordered the wrong food :( 
But the food I ordered this time was superb ! 

Was feeling quite full that day so my sister and I decided to share food 
We ordered a mini size pasta and a regular size pasta 
And it turns out that the mini size was that mini after all 
And we ended up not sharing food

The pasta was really really really nice ! 

Mom and dad's food came with a salad 
And it by far the best salad I've ever eaten ! 
The sauce was extremely tasty !

My mom's garlic fried rice with chicken teriyaki 
Although I don'e really like garlic 
The rice was actually quite delicious

And my dad's chicken teriyaki rice
All the food are awesomely tasty !

After our meal, my dad was so kind and asked if we wanted dessert
He never asked if we wanted dessert 
This is the first time 
Of course , we said YES ! 
Who'll be so stupid to say NO ?! :D 
Mom and dad shared a dessert that has 3 different flavours of ice cream 
We waited around 15 minutes for our desserts to arrive 
But it was all worth it !

And this is mine
Green tea crepe 
My love for green tea is never ending :) 
Love you green tea xoxo

And its important to always pair green tea with red bean ! 
They're the best couple ever ! 

Sister ordered the April's special 
Which is some black sesame ice cream with chocolate lava cake
Had a mouth and I didn't like the black sesame ice cream :( 

This is a solid proof of my love towards green tea 
Bought it all from Shojikiya which is located beside Pasta Zanmai in Empire 

For the month of May

Finally had a taste of Crayon burger which is located at SS15 opposite the wet market 
It's so good and nice ! 

Dad and I ordered the Zombie burger and my mom and sister ordered the classic 
The classic burger basically comes with a random burger bun if you didn't specify which burger bun you want
But the zombie burger bun is charcoal bun 

My zombie burger 
There's poppy seed on the bun 
So if you're allergic to seeds , better avoid ordering it

Mom's classic burger with milk bun 
She says it's very delicious

Sister's classic burger with pink bun 

Look at the cheese ! 
It's so so so delicious ! 

And also a part of the shop is built with black board 
They've prepared chalks so you can leave your footprint there
And I left mine too ! 

So overall I've tried Burger Lab , Kaw Kaw burger , Crayon burger and Ramly burger 
And now I'm gonna do a review about all the burgers I've tried ! 

Burger Lab 
Taste : 8/10 
Appearance : 8/10
Does it fill your stomach? : 9/10 
Is it easy to eat? : 8/10
Price : 8/10

Kaw Kaw burger
Taste : 6/10
Appearance : 7/10 
Does it fill you stomach? : 10/10
Is it easy to eat? : 1/10 
Price : 8/10

Crayon burger 
Taste : 9/10 
Appearance : 9/10 
Does it fill your stomach? : 7/10 
Is it easy to eat? : 7/10 
Price : 6/10

Ramly burger 
Taste : 9/10 
Appearance : 6/10 
Does it fill your stomach? : 7/10 
Is it easy to eat : 7/10 
Price : 9/10 

Everybody has their own preference 
Like my sister , she thinks Burger Lab is tastier but I think Crayon burger is tastier 
So do try all of it to find the best one for yourself ! :) 

Here's the link to all the burger shops and their address 
Do find some time to try it ! :) 

14, Jalan 21/22, SeaPark, 46300 PJ, Selangor.

47-G, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, 47500, Subang,
.In front Asia Café , Same row with Pizza Hut & Starbuck
38, SS15/4 , Subang Jaya , Selangor
Opposite SS15 wet market
Beside comic paradise

Ramly burger 
 USJ 4 
Opposite 7-Eleven and Petronas 

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