Kaw Kaw burger and Tong Pak Fu dessert

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Was supposed to celebrate my sister's birthday on Friday (her birthday is on 29 March)
But she didn't want to come home on Friday (she lives outside)
And so we ended up celebrating it on Saturday instead 
We went out for dinner since we went cheng meng in the morning till afternoon 
Wanted to eat Crayon burger at first 
But we ended up eating Kaw Kaw burger which is located opposite Asia Cafe in SS15

Can't remember what's the name of my burger but it's some chicken cheesynizer 
It's kinda pricey but still acceptable 
The moment I saw my burger
I was thinking "How to eat it?"
The burger was stacked up tall and I don't think anybody's mouth will be able to stretch that big 
Since my burger was chicken instead of beef 
They gave a chicken piece instead of chicken patty 
The chicken was nice and tasty 
And the burger bun was a lot nicer than McD's and Burger King's 
The only problem with it was how you're gonna eat it 
It was so huge my dad decided to eat it separately 
A bite of the bun, a bite of chicken, a bite of onions and lettuce 
And he kept on repeating it 
My mom decided to eat it in halves
Which means she held it together and ate the top, and then the bottom 
Well,my sister used a smarter way 
She decided to press the burger down to flatten it so that it fits into the mouth 
I saw that and did it too 
The mayonnaise might get squeezed out but it's okay 
There's plenty of it inside

Overall my family members said that it's nice but I thought differently
Mine was so salty compared to others
Even when my sister took a bite 
She said it was so much saltier 
Maybe that's why I didn't like my burger that night

After dinner, we were supposed to go to Snowflake because my sister didn't want a birthday cake 
But because my dad didn't want to eat Snowflake 
We went to Tong Pak Fu for desserts instead 

Had been hearing my friends talking about the chocolate lava cake which was nice 
And I finally got to taste it  
Had to wait for it for about 10 minutes while my family were already halfway through their dessert
I always love eating at Tong Pak Fu ;) 
Their desserts never failed me 

Chocolate was supposed to ooze out but it didn't because the chocolate was thicker than I expected 
It felt good eating it because the cake is hot and when you eat it with ice cream 
The fusion of hot and cold is really great ! 
If you eat it without the ice cream 
You'll feel very stuffed and heaty after a few mouths 
Overall ranking : 
Appearance : 9/10
Freshness : 9/10 
Taste : 9/10 
Chocolatey : 10/10 
Price : 8/10 

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