A heartbreaking experience

6:32:00 PM Elaine Loke 0 Comments

As you all know
I've been shopping online most of my time
And never once I was being cheated
Until 2 weeks ago.
I've post up pictures about the seller
So for those who are shopping online
Beware of her!
I happened to saw a picture of pastel shorts she posted on instagram
And I've decided to purchase it after a short discussion with her
I was wrong for not making sure at first and was so stubborn in getting those pastel shorts.
I didn't check her business status and just went on and placed my order
I even had a hard time trying to bank in the money to her
After I banked in the money , she even confirmed it and told me she'll post my item by Wednesday
I've been waiting for a week and it's still not here
Usually it'll only take poslaju a day to deliver to your house no matter where it's been posted
I've ordered stuff from penang and johor and it arrived the next day the seller posted it out.
It was a bad experience as I lost my rm50 and can't do anything about it
Learnt my lesson and hope to remind everybody out there to be careful
Remember :
1. Don't let your sudden desire to get an item blind you
2. Make sure the seller is reliable by reading comments of other buyers
3. If you feel unsafe, ask the seller to show you a printscreen of the message between the seller and another buyer stating that the buyer had received the item.
4. Make sure the price is reasonable
5. Never ever buy from new seller. Buy from seller that has been selling for quite some time.
6. Never ever 100% trust the seller
Hope you guys learnt something about online shopping and I wish you all a safe shopping experience :)

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