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Sorry for keeping my blog hanging for such a long time 
been really really busy and also lazy to even on my computer 
well ... 
here's a summary of what happen during my MIA :) 

Went back to Penang 2 weeks before CNY 
because my mom wanted to take a break from work and also to buy CNY cookies 
Stayed at Cititel hotel in town because all the beach hotels were fully booked 

Started our journey at 3 pm after I came home from school (it was a Friday)
mom was kinda angry because my aunt wanted my mom to buy some pomelos at the rest area 
and she specifically wanted the pomelos from a store in Simpang Pulai 
mom was really on fire because this trip was meant to be a secret to everybody as we just wanted to relax 
but in the end all the relatives found out about it and won't stop giving errands for us to do in Penang 
some people just love spoiling holidays ! 
well , lucky for us 
we were late and only reached the rest area after the shop had close 
so no pomelo :D 

Reached the hotel around 8pm because we spent a long time at the rest area 
decided to have dinner at Red Garden food court since it was the nearest and my dad didn't want to drive
because the Indians were preparing for Thaipusam 
and WOW ! 
eating at Red Garden was a real experience 
that food court was somehow like a pub 
people singing and dancing on stage , beer ladies , foreigner cheering with beer bottles held high up ... 
anyways , went to visit all the relatives in Penang since they knew we were there
and it's rude to not visit them 
spent most of our time running errands for the relatives in KL 
what a failed holiday we had >< 

And jumping back to last year 
as you all know , I had 2 complimentary tickets to go watch Beauty and The Beast musical in Amphitheater 
(it was in my previous post)
decided to take my long life friend , Tzer Yen with me :) 
picked her up around 4pm and went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner 
so nice for her to take me to Kimgary for dinner 
I had wanted to go dine in there since 2 years ago 
the food there was so delicious 
especially the cheese baked rice 
not to cheesy , not to plain 
just the way I like

And also 
the musical was fantastic ! 
it was so much fun sitting the train in Lagoon to the theater 
the musical ended at 10pm 
first time staying at Pyramid till so late :O 
walked around Pyramid while waiting for my dad 
first time seeing Pyramid so empty 
and we were walking in the middle of Pyramid like a boss ;D

Oh yea ! This year marks the 10th anniversary to our friendship ! 
Love you loads :) 
It's a miracle to have met you and have this relationship that lasted so long 
Although we always fight over some matters , we're never able to get mad at each other for more than 10 minutes 
Cheers to our friendship !!!!!!!! 

Went to Pyramid with my sister last Friday and had a shopping spree for CNY ! :D 
what a coincidence that It's Skin just opened a branch in Pyramid near the cinema 
so we decided to go have a look 
and end up buying products worth RM100 

I bought a new BB powder from there
and I really really love it ! 

Got some free samples from the salesgirl 

Oh , I also bought an eyeliner from there
unfortunately , I accidentally dropped it behind my cupboard and had to go buy another one 
but it's really nice to use ! 

Heard online that My Beauty Diary's mask was good 
so I decided to buy 2 boxes 
bird's nest and arbutin 
both of it have whitening effect 
yes , I'm desperate in whitening my skin since I'm so dark ! 
for me , both masks are good 
the bird's nest mask has a very pleasant smell which I love 
the whitening effect is quite good 
one thing I like about this mask is it's easy to use 
it's in a piece instead of two 
and after putting it on for 20 minutes 
there's leftover serum to allow to apply it on your neck and shoulders 

For arbutin , the main effect is whitening only
the whitening effect is actually better compare to the bird's nest mask 
it also helps moisturizing my skin 

I totally recommend My Beauty Diary masks as it is a good and affordable
please be careful when you purchase the mask as there's lots of fake MBD mask in the market 
the best place to purchase it is from Sasa or Maskslim 

Went to Pyramid with my friends (took an awkward picture with zy on a glass)
they took me to eat Korean food at a restaurant called Ko Hyang 
it's located near the ice rink beside Mr. Teppanyaki 
ordered a chicken ramen
and it actually taste delicious 
the ingredients were loads and I couldn't even finish it 
I though it was spicy when I took my first mouth 
but then later on I realise that it was spicy because it's still hot 
as it cools down , the spiciness is bearable 

Wanted to watch 2 movies but since the time was not being nice 
we were only able to watch Hansel & Gretel 
it's a great movie 
but just that some scenes are too scary 
I had to close my eyes a few times because I was so freaked out ! 

Now it's all about CNY ! 
Happy Chinese New Year to everybody :) 

After waiting for merely a month 
I finally got my shoes that I bought online ! 
thank you so much Agape boutique

It's 5 inches tall 
but it's nice to wear it 
I feel very light when I wear the shoes
it's kinda hard to explain since it's my first time experiencing it 

Decided to use my magnetic nail polish for the first time 
Love it much but it's quite sad because the magnet can't reach till the side of your nails 
so the pattern only appears in the middle of the nail

Washed the dishes and got my polish all ruined 
so I changed it to paws and snow 
the reason I did paws and snow was because of my brother 
he's all alone in Canada celebrating CNY 
and it's snowing heavily there till there's snow storm 
since he misses his pet dog , Pluto
I decided to draw paws of Pluto and snow together

I love my shoes very much ! 
wore it on the first day of CNY since it matches the blouse I planned to wear 

Wore my new Henleys from London on the 2nd day of CNY 
and also my another new black heels 
wanted to buy the 4 inches heels 
but my mom said I have too many high heels
and so I ended up getting this 2 inches heels 

Messed up my makeup while I was getting ready for reunion dinner
because my dad won't stop rushing me :( 
still managed to put on a smile and get over with it 

and also a little sneak peak ! 

I'm about to get my driving license ! :D 

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