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Hello peeps ! :) 
I'm getting lazier and lazier day by day and it just hit me that I've abandoned this blog for so long! 

So while I was away, I've been trying to clear out most of my things in my room and I found all my Taiwanese drama sets.
I used to get so crazy over it and even wasted so much money buying the original set just to watch the drama, when I could watch it online. 
If I were to calculate all of them, I guess I've spent almost RM1,000 on this stupid hobby back then.
So I've decided to sell it since it's taking so much space and I no longer watch them anymore. 

不良笑花 (Miss No Good) [DVD] - Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
微笑Pasta (Sonria Pasta / Smiling Pasta) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
恶作剧之吻 (It Started With a Kiss) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
恶作剧二吻 (They Kiss Again) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
放羊的星星 (My Lucky Star) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
公主小妹 (Romantic Princess) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
转角遇到爱 (Corner With Love) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
海派甜心 (Hi My Sweetheart) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
斗牛要不要 (Hooping Dulcinea) [DVD]- Chinese , English , Malay subtitle
真命天女 (Reaching For The Stars)[DVD]- Chinese subtitle
霹雳MIT ( Mysterious Incredible Terminator)[DVD] - Chinese subtitle
黑糖群侠传 (Kung Fu Macchiato) [DVD]- Chinese subtitle
篮球火 (Hot Shot) [VCD] - Chinese subtitle
COD in Subang Jaya area only. If interested please email me at :)
The price is negotiable! :D Help spread the word around! 
Now to the other topic!
Since it's holiday right now, girls, of course, started painting their nails! 
Well, we all love to be pretty.
I've been experimenting with nail arts and came out with a design which is really easy to do. 
Hope you all will like it! 

First of all, gather the tools! 
3 types of nail polish of any colour you wish! 
Cellophane tape 
Dotting tool 

Since I don't have a dotting tool, I decided to make one on my own using a sewing pin (not needle). I stuck it into an eraser to prevent the sharp point from pricking my fingers. 
You can use the back of a pencil that has eraser attached to it if you don't have a long eraser like I do. 

(Sorry this picture is really blur .. Bad camera)
Stick cellophane tape around your fingers.
The cellophane tape should cover half of your fingernails in a slanted position.

Paint your nails.
Don't worry about painting it on the cellophane tape, that's the use of the tape.

Set it aside to dry for 5 minutes. 
Then, tear off the cellophane tape. 
You'll get something like the picture above.

Now, take a piece of paper and put a drop of nail polish on it.
(This colour is another colour of your choice to make polka dots)

Using the dotting tool you made earlier, dip it in the nail polish and then press it on your nails. 
Then, use another colour to create a border.

For mine , I use pink as the base, red for the polka dots and white as the border.
VOILA ! :) 

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