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Sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time. I've been so lazy lately. 
I was cleaning my room when I found all this presents I got from my friends.
There's not many but they're from my best friends :) 
I got the stars mug from Yi Jane as my birthday gift. 

She also gave me a mushmum, a character from MapleStory, in a tupperware box.
It is absolutely adorable!

Also, a birthday card from here. I really appreciate a nice birthday card.  

Apart from Yi Jane's presents, I found gifts from Tzer Yen as well! 

A handmade birthday card which she and Qi Yi made for me. 

The first thing I saw when I opened the card was a picture of Tzer Yen when she was younger! She looks absolutely adorable with those big eyes. 

Moving on to the next topic. I've been really interested with nail arts recently and decided to try out one today using some cello tapes. I chose pink and purple because the colours remind me of cotton candy. 

A very common scene where your left nails look stunning but your right nails look horrible. 

*Please tilt your head to the left, I'm too lazy to rotate the pictures* 

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