How to make sushi

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Went over to Vivien's house with Melanie for our assignment last week.

This is our presentation. Stay tuned!

We were fairly quick to finish preparing our presentation because we planned to make sushi as well. It was a random decision but we chipped in money to get the ingredients. 
Read on for more information on how to make sushi!

First, you want to make sure you have the correct type of rice to make sushi. Normal white or brown rice are not suitable because they're not sticky. I recommend either Sakura or Sumo rice. 

Next, you'll need a sushi roller. You can either get them from the supermarket or Daiso for a cheap price. 

There are many types of sushi but today we'll be doing the simplest - cucumber and crabstick. 

First, measure the amount of rice you need. 

Wash it once to get rid of any dirt. You don't want to wash it more than once because you might wash off the starch and the rice won't be sticky. 

Cook it the normal way you would cook rice. 

While waiting for the rice to cook, cut cucumbers into long stripes and remove the seeds. 

Boil the crabsticks at the same time. Be careful not to overboil it as it will turn too soft and starts unfolding. You don't want that. 

Set aside to cool. 

Take a sheet of seaweed (nori) and lay it on the roller. Spread the rice on your seaweed, put cucumber and crabstick on it, and roll it firmly with the roller. 

A few examples of the sushi. 

Add some Japanese mayo for taste.

To prevent your sushi from losing its shape, cut it with the 'saw' method instead of pressing your knife straight down. 

Our finished products!

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