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this is a sign to remind everybody to beware of some people :)

don't you hate it when somebody just keep copying your style 
and buying the same things that you're wearing
and claiming that it's their fashion and style
and say that they like it too
when they are actually your enemy
but just trying to be friendly with you ? 

for your information
i hate it
that's one thing that always bug my mind every time when i think about it

some people just love saying that they trust you as a friend
but yet betray you like you're nothing to them
cause they think they're so great
every word they say just make you want to slap them
they can do anything they want to hurt you
but when somebody does back to them
they just acted as if they're strong and have backup to help them

some people just promise you something
but yet doing it in a different way to get what they want
and when you ask them why didn't they keep their promise
they'll just say that it wasn't them

don't that some people know that there will be people watching
every move they make will just have to be pay 

they just keep showing off on how great they are and don't even care about people's feeling
cause why ? 
that's not their problem
their problem is to just make them seem cool
and fit into a stronger gang
which they will never fit it

some people just like to look stronger with another gang members
but can't they see it themselves ? 
they don't belong there
cause it's just in them
and no matter what they do
they just don't fit in
but they just don't know
and think that they fit in already

some people just love to complain about their friends
when they are the one who started everything
but just don't give a damn to notice it
they just run here telling you how other people sucks
and then go to another friend and complain on how you suck 

so beware of this sign
and learn to see this sign
as this is mostly an invisible sign

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