Scrumptious meal at ThirdWave cafe

A simple, modern and aesthetic cafe - Thirdwave in Nexus Bangsar is highly rated for their visually appealing and unique dishes. With a Facebook review of 4.2 out of 5, I decided to check out the cafe.
Upon entering the cafe, we were welcomed by a cosy and rustic theme, with black-painted walls and dark-coloured sofas giving off a dim setting perfect for those who desire a relaxing time.
The cafe takes on a minimalistic design, with a coffee bar at the corner and artistic decoratives on the wall.
These beautiful seashells displayed at the corner of the table serve as a beautiful decorative as well as props for your food pictures.
There's also a collection of books for bookworms to sit back and immerse themselves in a long reading session as they sip on a cup of tea.
We were spoilt with choices as their lunch special sets were ongoing, which includes one main of your choice, homemade soup of the day and a drink for RM25++.
After taking some time to study the menu, we finally decided on five dishes - Under the Sea, Sesame Fish Burger, Cornflakes Chicken Schnitzel, House-made Lamb Ragu Lasagna and House Salad.
If you're ever craving for something hearty and comforting, their house-made seafood stew will definitely warm your heart.
Seafood lovers will be in awe with the generous amount of sea bass, prawns, squid and blue mussels in this bowl of goodness. Enjoy it with a toasted sourdough bread, or chow it down on its own.
Craving for something crispy and succulent? Stacked with sesame breaded perch fillet, gherkin pickles, rocket leaves and house-made jalapeno tartar sauce, this burger is a burst of flavour in every bite. The best part is, the fillet is juicy and not oily at all!
If seafood is not your favourite, get the crisps with their Cornflake Chicken Schnitzel which is highly recommended by their chef. We were really amazed by the juiciness and tenderness of the chicken breast. Not to forget the fluffy and creamy mashed potato!
Head over to Thirdwave from 12pm to 2pm on weekdays to try out their House-made Lamb Ragu Lasagna, as it is only available under the lunch special. This traditional Italian dish is made with layer upon layer of soft pasta with a delicious combination of tomatoes mixed with lamb ragu.
If eating healthy is something difficult for you, Thirdwave's House Salad may be the solution to it. This bowl of mix greens, nuts, dried apricots and cherry tomatoes tossed in sweet vinaigrette and topped with aromatic marinated chicken thigh tasted way better than how we perceived it to be. It was truly a great combination for a delectable salad. It even brought us back to the cafe for another bowl!
Overall, we were blown away by their mouthwatering dishes, especially the comforting seafood stew and appetising house salad. We definitely recommend trying their House Salad because it's by far the BEST salad we ever had.

Unit 1-11, Level 1, Nexus Bangsar South,
Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur
Sunday to Saturday: 10am to 10.30pm

Join the dark side with this goth ice cream by CoPresse

Have you ever come across black ice cream on the internet and wish you can have a taste of it too? This strange new food trend has been garnering much attention since it was first spotted in Los Angeles, and its colour is surprisingly darker than the black sesame ice cream we have. Join the dark side today as the gothic dessert has now arrived in Malaysia, all thanks to CoPresse.
credits: Malaysian Foodie
Located in The Starling Mall at Damansara Uptown, CoPresse is the first store in Malaysia to serve the soft serve ice cream that is "as dark as your soul", as how some people describe it. It is known that dessert shops in America use activated charcoal to give it its black colour, with a few using black squid ink, but how Copresse's soft serve gets its colour remains a mystery as their secret recipe.

A Soft of the Day only costs RM8.90 (without GST) and it comes with a few toppings for some extra crunch, but do take note that there is no Soft of the Day on Sunday.
If you're feeling extra gothic or want to share it with your friends, they do have an option to go large for an additional RM1.
Alternatively, you can create your own soft serve sundae and choose to either have the black vanilla or black sesame flavour. There are also a variety of toppings such as milo, marshmallow and cornflakes, as well as dessert sauces like peach and salted caramel, all for RM1 each.
As an avid lover of the colour black, I had to get my hands on this dark gothic soft serve. I got their Saturday's Soft of the Day that comes with crushed oreo cookies as the base, a good amount of black vanilla soft serve and white and milk chocolate balls.
I was hoping to have it in a black cone for the ultimate gothic experience but they only serve it in a cup.
Although the "black magic powder" used to give the soft serve its colour remains an anonymous ingredient, it barely has any taste and does not affect the natural taste of vanilla. The chocolate balls were absolutely great as I love to have some crunch in my ice cream.
It may look like a typical novelty dessert, but it's undeniably a good cup of soft serve. However, the ice cream does stain your lips, teeth and tongue so it's probably not the best dessert choice on your first date. Don't say I didn't warn you! The stains are DARK!

The Starling Mall,
K-B-004, Basement 1,
No.6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Monday to Sunday: 10am to 10pm

The Matcha Review

Brace yourself, everybody, because this post is going to be ALL ABOUT MATCHA! 

I've decided to compile some matcha desserts I've tried in the past and dedicate a blog entry for them since I'm such a huge matcha lover! Read on for more green pictures 😆💚

Tombo Pokē & Matcha Bar

As reviewed in my previous post, Tombo's Matcha Soft Serve is by far the best... uhm... matcha soft serve.. I've ever had! You'll be able to tell just by the dark colour of the ice cream that the matcha flavour > milk flavour! I highly recommend those of you who love matcha to try out Tombo's Matcha Soft Serve.


TSUJIRI is pretty well-known globally as it has stores in the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Philipines! Although I'm from Malaysia, ironically I have never had the chance to try TSUJIRI in Malaysia. Thankfully, with the great public transport service in the UK, I was able to make my way to TSUJIRI in Soho HAHAHA.

On my first visit, I got the Shiratama Sundae which was made out of matcha soft serve, red bean paste and shiratama (mochi balls). Compared to Tombo's matcha soft serve, TSUJIRI's soft serve definitely tasted milkier, but I really love the sweet red bean paste as it complimented well with the matcha soft serve. I'm the type of person who enjoys having something to chew instead of plain smooth texture (hence my love for bubble tea and oreo milkshake) so I love having some shiratama to chew on! It's quite chewy and your jaw WILL GET TIRED if you try to chew all three of them at the same time. It doesn't have any taste so do eat it with the ice cream and red bean paste instead of saving it for last.

I chose the Crispy Sundae on my second visit and this time I had both matcha and hojicha flavour. It consisted of brown rice puffs, matcha and hojicha soft serve, red bean paste, chestnut, shiratama and a waffle biscuit. In my opinion, the hojicha lacked flavour and if I was blindfolded while I ate it, I wouldn't be able to tell it's hojicha flavour. However, the creamy texture of their soft serve compensates the subtle flavour, which in turn makes it a decent cup of sundae to indulge in. I'm not a huge fan of having the brown rice puffs at the bottom because it's so difficult to dig it out.

Pan De Vie

This bakery serves some really amazing cakes and desserts and I have absolutely no idea why it never pops out in any of my Google search on matcha desserts. A friend of mine introduced me to it and since then I have been following their social media account.

They have a wide selection of matcha bakeries such as Matcha and Almond Layered Cake, Matcha Chocolate Fondant Dessert and Matcha Almond Croissant. Besides matcha flavoured bakeries, they also do incredible-looking desserts like this Christmas special Le Cerise.

PC: Pan De Vie Facebook 
I can't deny I'm so attracted to their fancy-looking dessert creations! 

PC: Pan De Vie Facebook

Choice of the day: Matcha Azuki Mousse

A light and creamy matcha mousse but again, the matcha flavour was very subtle. I love the layering of matcha cake, red bean and mousse as it balances the taste and texture well.
On a side note, I don't see the reason of gold foil (is that what you call it?) on the red bean. It didn't add or enhance the flavour so I'll safely assume it's just there to hike up the price of the dessert.

P.S. Tokyo 

Getting out of London, we're now in Malaysia! Matcha soft serve is definitely rising in popularity in Malaysia as more and more cafes and dessert shops selling matcha food are popping out. If you prefer a milkier texture of matcha soft serve, P.S. Tokyo has you covered. I'm not a huge fan of their matcha soft serve as I prefer mine to have a stronger matcha flavour. In terms of creaminess, I wouldn't say it's as creamy as Tombo's or TSUJIRI's. Instead, it tasted rather light.

I am, however, in love with their hojicha soft serve because you can taste the hojicha well, unlike TSUJIRI's which was pretty mild. If you enjoy the strong roasted taste of green tea, P.S. Tokyo's hojicha flavour will be the right choice for you!

Apart from their soft serve, I also love P.S. Tokyo because of the cafe's Instagrammable setting. They provide handy decoratives for those who wish to take #Instafood #Foodporn pictures, and by posting your picture on Instagram with the hashtag #pstokyo , you get to print your picture out in polaroid style with their printer for free!


Hop back to the other side of the world as we stop by Mamecha in Berlin for some matcha fix. Matcha is generally not a well-known flavour in Germany so there's not many Matcha cafes around. This is probably why Mamecha is always filled with customers especially in the evening as people enjoy a quiet afternoon tea.

However, Mamecha did not live up to my expectation. Their Matcha Latte had a really light matcha flavour which ended up tasting more like hot milk. The matcha tiramisu was quite a mess in the sense that it was made of slices of matcha sponge cake, topped with whipped topping and dusted with matcha powder. It lacked the most important flavour - matcha - as the whipped topping overpowered everything else.

Despite the very weak flavour of matcha in their Matcha Latte and Matcha Tiramisu, their Matcha Cappuccino was pretty decent! It had a good balance between the coffee taste and matcha flavour - perfect drink to sip on while reading a book or during a rainy day.  

That's all for our review on matcha food! Surely there are loads of places serving quality matcha food and we hope to be able to try as many as possible! But for now, we shall satisfy our cravings for matcha desserts by scrolling through #matcha on Instagram. 

Tombo Japanese Café & Matcha Bar @ Soho

Hey everybody! Back to blogging again and this time it's a review of Tombo Japanese Café & Matcha Bar! 
I've been wanting to try Poke Bowls because of its appealing vibrant colour and the hype on social media as a new healthy food trend. While I always think Poke Bowl originates from Japan, it's actually from Hawaii! Apparently, Poke is the Hawaiian verb for "sliced" or "cut", which is why it is always topped with small cubes of raw fish. 
For my first try on Poke Bowl, I decided to visit Tombo in Soho! I'm a huge fan of Tombo because they specialise in matcha desserts and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MATCHA
If I had to choose between chocolate and matcha, I'll go for matcha without a doubt. It's matcha all the way for me 💚💚💚
I'll be reviewing some matcha desserts in my next blog post so watch out for it if you're a matcha lover! But for now, let's stick to Poke Bowls. 

My pick was Tombo's Classic Salmon Pokē. You have the option of black & white rice or courgette noodles as your base, so for those who are really trying to eat healthily or want to cut carbohydrates out of your diet, the courgette noodles choice is a good option. 
I opted for black & white rice, and my bowl was served with salmon cubes, sesame soy, white onions, edamame, sesame seeds and nori. 

My friend, on the other hand, ordered the Spicy Mayo Prawn which consisted of prawns (obviously), sriracha mayo and edamame, topped with crispy shallots and shichimi chilli. 
Presentation wise, definitely Instagrammable. I took a bite of the salmon cube and was satisfied at how well-seasoned it was - not too salty and it didn't have any fishy taste. 
However, as I took more bites, that's when I slowly realised the disaster buried at the bottom of the bowl. 
My rice (or black & white rice if you want to be exact LOOL), was soaked in a pool of soy sauce and it was SO SALTY. Every mouth of it tasted like I was taking a shot of soy sauce. It was that horrible. I insisted on finishing the whole thing because I didn't want it to go to waste but my friend and I came to the conclusion that we didn't want to risk getting high cholesterol. We did finish all the toppings which were actually really nice. All in all, the Classic Pokē could have been really good if it weren't for the soy sauce rice. 
Overall, it's a low rating of 4/10 from me because, despite the mouth-watering toppings and delicious salmon cubes, I feel that the rice plays an important role in this dish as the base. 
However, let's not have the Classic Pokē disaster discourage you from visiting Tombo because the Spicy Mayo Prawn was absolutely delicious! The mayo didn't taste like ordinary mayo, it was mildly sweet and savoury - a perfect match with the prawns and crispy shallots. The mayo tasted a lot spicier than I expected, but it's not an extreme spiciness. After a few mouths, you ought to get used to the spiciness, but for those who can't stand even the slightest spicy food, you may want to avoid this. 
Overall, I give the Spicy Prawn Mayo Pokē a whopping 10/10 because I couldn't any fault in it. 
Apart from Poke Bowls, one should never leave Tombo without getting something made with matcha! There're so many options to choose from - latte, frappe, sundae, tart, gateau, cheesecake etc. 
I settled for the most common dessert - matcha soft serve
I've had loads of matcha ice cream and soft serve in the past and I can proudly say that Tombo's matcha soft serve is by far the best I've ever had! 
My only reason is because I could taste the matcha flavour easily until my very last spoon. 
In the past, all the matcha ice cream and soft serve I've tried had a pretty mild matcha taste and they're milkier instead. After a few spoons, my taste buds just stopped recognising the subtle matcha taste and it'll taste like milk or vanilla flavour instead. But for Tombo's, it was matcha in every spoon. 
10/10 for their matcha soft serve of course! 
If you're craving for matcha desserts or even Japanese food, do check out Tombo in Soho or South Kensington. 
28 D'Arblay Street
Soho, W1F 8EW
Mon-Sat 11:30 - 21:00
Sun 11:30 - 20:00

Shoryu Ramen @ Regent Street

Hello everybody! I'm finally back to blogging after abandoning it for three months. Second year of university has been really tough because I had to juggle between assessments and diploma exams. Not to mention I was writing some articles for The National Student website as well.

Here's a short food review on Shoryu as my first blog post of 2017!
For those who are in the UK, I know there has been a long debate between Shoryu's and Kanada-Ya's ramen. Some say Kanada-Ya's ramen is the best, and some say Shoryu used to serve great ramen but over the years it has failed to keep up its performance.
Now, I can't comment on that because I have never tried Kanada-Ya, but I can let you know that my friend and I had a tough time deciding which restaurant to go to satisfy our cravings for ramen. Obviously, with my review on Shoryu today, you'll know which we had chosen.

Shoryu has a few branches around London, mainly Covent Garden, Regent Street and SOHO, so if there's a long line in one of them, you can easily try your luck at the other locations.
My friend and I went to Regent Street and surprisingly, the restaurant was empty despite us arriving just before noon.
It's a pretty small branch with around 20-25 tables so when it gets filled up, it's actually really narrow.

Brace yourself for the price because it's quite expensive, especially if you're a student. But comparing the prices to other ramen restaurants, it's actually a standard price for Japanese ramen in London.

For starters, we ordered two Shoryu buns - Char Siu BBQ Pork Belly and Tiger Prawn Tempura.

There's only a handful of fillings in it - two lettuce leaves, two slices of cucumber, the choice of your filling and mayo.

My friend and I agreed that the Char Siu BBQ Pork Belly was the best because the meat was tender and well-flavoured. The most important part was the sauce was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The meat wasn't as fatty as we expected so we highly recommend it!

As for the tiger prawn tempura, it didn't live up to my expectation because the batter wasn't crispy. If I get to choose again, I'll skip the tiger prawn tempura. But hey, on the good side, the batter wasn't soggy and oily, and they gave two prawns instead of one.

For the ramen, we both opted for the Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu, served with generous toppings of char siu barbecue pork belly, nitamago egg, kikurage mushrooms, spring onions, sesame, ginger and nori seaweed. 

Everything seemed perfect at first look. The egg was beautiful, the pork broth was rich and flavourful and personally, I love ramen with loads of toppings.

Ok time to dig in!

There's something about the broth which I couldn't figure out at first. It was really rich and flavourful at first but that's probably because I was starving so much, so everything tasted nice to me.
After a few mouths, I turned over to my friend and said: "There's something off about the ramen but I can't tell."
"It's really salty," she replied.

HOLY GUACAMOLY! It actually was! LOOOL jokes on me for not being able to tell.

It was so salty to the point I was so sick of it! And I could feel an ulcer popping out! 😩
Putting that aside, there's nothing to rave about the ramen apart from the egg which was near perfection (Those who had tried authentic ramen in Japan probably disagree with me but I've never been to Japan so this is the closest-to-perfection egg I ever had).

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

It's not a ramen restaurant I'll crave to go back but seeing how long the queue was when we were leaving, I guess most people feel that their ramen is worth the wait in the cold. If you've been to Shoryu, do let me know how you felt about the ramen because I probably went on a bad day. Who knows?

Shoryu Ramen 
9 Regent Street, SW1Y 4LR
Mon - Sat 11:15 - 00:00
Sun & Bank Holiday 11:15 - 22:30

Passengers - movie review

When I first watched the trailer of Passengers, I should have known it'll be a typical romance [you die, I die] kind of movie, rather than a nerve-racking action movie.

So what's the movie all about? 
A guy wakes up a girl because he's lonely, then tries to guilt-trip her into liking him by sacrificing his life and become a hero. #shittymoviesummary 
The starship Avalon is transporting 5000 passengers and 255 crews to a new planet named Homestead II. As the journey takes 120 years, everybody is placed in a hibernation pod to prevent them from dying of old age, and they're only supposed to wake up a few months before they arrive. However, a malfunction in the hibernation pod awakens a passenger, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), 90 years early. He breaks down after realising what had happened to his pod, and tries many ways to fix the situation. When all attempts failed, he decides to enjoy life on the starship instead. He grows a beard, plays basketball, dances with holograms and hangs out with a robot bartender named Arthur (Micheal Sheen). After a year of living alone, he sees a beautiful blonde lady named Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). He decides to wake her up.
The first part of the movie was more comedic than I expected. Although it showed the horror of being the only passenger awake, there were many scenes which contain a sense of humour, such as: 
  • Jim sending a video message to Earth to inform about the breakdown of his hibernation pod, only to receive an automated respond saying that his message will take more than 30 years to reach Earth. 
  • Jim being charged more than $6,000 for his video message. 
  • Jim attempting to order a cappuccino but could only get a simple black coffee because he's not a gold class passenger. 
There are more hilarious scenes, but I'll save them for you to watch in the cinema. Other than the occasional appearances of Michael Sheen, Chris Pratt was the star in the first part of the movie, and it somehow reminded me of the super boring Gravity movie. 
After Aurora was woken up, the second part of the movie displayed a strong romance between the two main leads. What else can a single male and female do in a huge empty (5,253 sleeping people) starship other than succumbing into a corny romance? #Typicalmovieplot 
After Jim manually wakes Aurora, he lies to her by saying that her pod had malfunctioned, just like his. She went berserk, trying all ways she can think of to fix the problem. After a while, she accepts her situation and begins writing a book about her experiences. Jim helps Aurora to enjoy life on the Avalon by showing her all the entertainments available. They spend time together and eventually fall in love with each other. After a year of awakening, Arthur unintentionally tells Aurora the truth (Jim was the one who woke her, not the pod's malfunction), and she went berserk again. She avoids Jim at all cost, while Jim tries his best to ask for forgiveness (by planting a tree...). 
gifs website

gifs website
Romance, romance, romance. At this point, I started asking myself if I am watching the correct movie.
From the trailer, I thought it'll be an intense action movie, but after an hour into the movie, I started wondering if there'll be any action scenes. An hour of comedy and romance was not what I expected. 
Just as I was wondering, the third part of the movie finally had the action scenes! 
As Jim and Aurora are in a cold war, another pod failure awakens Chief Deck Officer, Gus (Laurence Fishburne). He spots multiple failures in the starship's system, and the three soon discover the starship's components are overloading due to a failed component. Gus attempts to fix it with Jim and Aurora's help, but his pod's malfunctioning life support causes him to have organs failure. Before he dies, he gives his ID badge to Jim, allowing him to access restricted areas to repair the starship. Soon, they find out the cause of the system failure. The fusion reactor was overheated and Jim decides to open the vent door from the outside to cool it. However, he has to stay to keep the vent door open as it will not stay open. They successfully vent the reactor but Jim's tether comes loose and his spacesuit begins losing oxygen. Aurora retrieves him back and resuscitates him with the Autodoc. Jim eventually finds out the Autodoc has the ability to re-hibernate a person and he offers it to Aurora. 88 years later, the passengers and crews woke up to a ship's concourse fill with plants. They find Aurora's book, which reveals her choice to stay with Jim. 
At this point of the movie, my expectation had dropped from 10 to 3. It was an easy guess for what the next scene will be. Somebody has to sacrifice and it will definitely be Jim, and the whole 'you jump, I jump' Titanic romance will emerge - in this case, 'you die, I die'. And with a typical romance story, it's expected for Aurora to choose Jim over re-hibernation. 
Despite the great screen chemistry between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, the movie plot did not live up to my expectation. The movie can be clearly divided into three parts - comedy, romance and action. Personally, I find the movie lacks uniqueness, other than the setting of being in the Avalon starship. The romance and actions were quite cliché. Quoting Peter Travers, "star power can only go so far when the screenwriter (Jon Spaihts) and director (Morten Tyldum) snooze on the job". 

LALALAB - print great moments

"Take a picture, it'll last forever"
At some point in life, I believe everybody has the wish of decorating their room with polaroid pictures. Millions of ideas will run through your mind - arranging it to form a heart shape, clipping it with fairy lights etc.
Polaroid has always been popular since it was invented. That excitement you feel when the picture was being printed, when you and your friends gathered around the camera waiting to check the print, oh how great it was.
However, taking polaroids can be 'risky'. What if you don't look good? What if the lighting is bad? What if... What if...
As much as I love polaroids, I get paranoid every time I take one. Thankfully, I found LALALAB!

Started in 2012 by three young founders, LALALAB allows you to print pictures straight from your smartphone, avoiding the hassle of transferring pictures to your computer beforehand. 
There are five types of prints - classic, vintage, regular, large classic and large regular. 
I went for the vintage print because it has white borders around the picture which is similar to a polaroid print. Priced at £0.29 per unit, I was able to get 34 vintage prints with the £10 voucher I received from LALALAB. 

Although the size of the vintage prints (10x12cm) is larger than a typical polaroid print, it is still perfect to decorate your room. 

Instead of sticking your prints to the wall with blue tack, you can clip them up as well to create an elegant decoration in your room. 

The app also allows you to write a caption, apply filters and enhance the colour and brightness of your pictures before printing them. For confidentiality and efficiency purposes, all the pictures are printed the way they are received, so there's no worry of having your pictures cropped or edited. 

LALALAB's photographic laboratories are located in France and Germany to ensure fast delivery and optimal quality. My order, for instance, was printed in and shipped from Germany, and only took a few days to arrive in my mailbox. 

Among all your prints in the package, there's a LALAGAME scratch card. Insert the code you get into the 'LALAGAME' section in the mobile app and it'll reveal your prize. 

Besides common prints, LALALAB also offers a wide variety of customised printings. You can have a picture taken during your holiday printed into a postcard to be sent to your family and friends. 

They also do photobooks ranging from 26 to 80 pages, priced at £0.79 per page. The hardcover photobook is perfect for reliving adventures and as a baby book. 

If you wish to gift your family or friends a collection of pictures, you can opt for the Lalabox (36 to 48 vintage prints) or Biggiebox (80 to 120 vintage prints). 

Other products include calendar, magnets, posters, alu-dibond, frames, canvases and phone cases. 

For more information, visit LALALAB 
LALALAB mobile app is available on Google Play and App Store, and they offer worldwide shipping too!

credits: LALALAB